ISG Metaverse: A Year of Innovation and Exploration in 2023

Navigating the Virtual Landscape with Cutting-Edge Technologies

Unveiling the Future at CES Las Vegas with Somnium Space VR

Pioneering the Metaverse Experience in the Heart of Tech

In an exhilarating showcase at CES Las Vegas, ISG Metaverse joined forces with Somnium Space VR, unveiling a groundbreaking collaboration that pushed the boundaries of virtual reality. Showcasing the best of the platform, the partnership featured immersive experiences, blending cutting-edge VR technologies. Tesla Suit and Vrgineers delivered an unparalled immersion into the professional usecases for XR technology. Our VR venues where the center of entertainment in the Metaverse scene.

NFT NYC: ISG Metaverse Speaks on the Future of Retail and Digital Identity

Shaping Tomorrow’s Retail Landscape in the Digital Realm

As a prominent voice at NFT NYC, ISG Metaverse positioned itself as a thought leader, engaging in conversations about the future of retail and digital identity in virtual environments. The brand’s presence resonated as it painted a vivid picture of the transformative potential the Metaverse holds for the retail industry. Closing the event with an XR event held at the exclusive Starchild Rooftop, where attendees had the chance to experience the merge between VR environments and live club performance.

ISG Metaverse made a stylish mark at Nolcha Shows NYFW SS 2024 with an XR booth, offering attendees immersive experiences. The fusion of AI representatives and fashion hybrid interactions created a unique space where the boundaries between the physical and virtual fashion realms seamlessly blurred. ISG Metaverse creative approach to digital fashion is a natural move, since his CEO and Co-Founder Isaac S. Gindi is also Co-Owner of the famous Century 21 Department Store located in Manhattan. On the other hand, Blake Hotz showd his expertise while explaining how Virtual Worlds, AI and Blockchain provide a secure way for user to experience the latest trends of the forth industrial revolution.

Las Vegas Sphere: R&D for Stadium XR Events

Shaping the Future of Entertainment in the Spectacular Las Vegas Sphere

Co-founders of ISG Metaverse delved into the heart of innovation by conducting Research and Development for Stadium XR events within the Las Vegas Sphere. This strategic move underlined the brand’s commitment to revolutionizing the entertainment landscape through virtual experiences. ISG Metaverse demonstrated its prowess in technology by advancing XR/AI applications tailored for the Retail and Real Estate industries. These developments promise to reshape how businesses engage with customers and operate in the digital age.

Navigating New Realities in Gaming

A Thrilling Journey into Virtual Realms with Max Cargo

ISG Metaverse capped off the year with the development of Max Cargo VR Game, offering gamers an enthralling experience within virtual landscapes. This venture into gaming showcased the brand’s versatility and commitment to pushing the boundaries of virtual reality across diverse sectors. A proof of concept to achieve the perfect transition between gaming, digital identity, and branding.

A Year of Milestones and Future Promise

In 2023, ISG Metaverse not only participated in key industry events but also carved its niche as an innovative force shaping the future of virtual experiences. From immersive collaborations to pioneering XR/AI applications, ISG Metaverse has left an indelible mark on the Metaverse landscape, setting the stage for even more exciting developments in the years to come.

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